Read what patients have to say about acupuncture treatment by Stephanie Ellis, LAc.

Pain "...I walked into her office unable to move my head because my neck was out. She joked that she would have me up and dancing that night, I was! It was my first acupuncture experience and it was a complete success! ..."

Allergies & Sensitivities "... I've had great results. I've stopped taking my allergy medicine and I've been a lot better since my treatments...."

General Health & Well Being "... Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with and a knowledgeable and conscientious source of relief from my chronic poor health conditions. ..."

Skin Issues "... After the first treatment the healthy color returned to my face. After 3 treatments the bump diminished and has continued to do so. ..."

Sports, Work & Accident Treatment "...As a dancer with a history of back and neck issues, acupuncture is the only treatment that has made a profound difference in easing my pain and relieving my muscular spasms. ..."

Support for Quick Recovery after Surgery "... My recovery was quick and with minimal pain, so much so I did not need to take the heavier pain relieving medication. .."

Women's Health Issues, including Fertility "... Stephanie helped me with the issues that my Ob/Gyn couldn't get under control and within six - nine months, through acupuncture and herbal supplements I was back on track. ...

What I truly appreciated is the fact that Stephanie always took time to answer my questions and fully explain things to me, including how many of my health related items all stemmed from the same imbalance in my body.